Print, Paper and Delivery (LightJet)


Print, Paper and Delivery


The Photo Lab

I have chosen WhiteWall Photo Lab as my partner for print works to use their purest way to print black-and-white photos – silver halide development process on Baryta paper. The special chemical developing process at the WhiteWall photo labs turns artistic black-and-white photographs into sought-after products: high-end baryta prints.


The Photo Paper

- Ilford Baryta 315g/m² – the perfect paper for black-and-white photography.

The classic baryta photo paper. First developed in the year 1866, baryta paper is an absolute classic among photo papers. This paper is particularly popular among galleries and museums. Shining white and intense black tones, ultra-fine brightness levels and sharp contours. Add to this the greatest longevity properties of any photographic paper. The classic development process for baryta papers is very elaborate. That is why it is mainly used for very high-end applications. We combine the traditional baryta-coated photo paper with state-of-the art laser exposure – and thus achieve such stunning print results in black-and-white photography.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 15.33.18 PM.jpg

Printing Process

- The special developing process turns black-and-white photographs into high-end baryta prints.

First the cutting-edge LightJet laser exposure system exposes image onto the photo paper. This is followed by traditional silver halide developing, fixing and washing. Although the final wet phase precludes millimetre-exact formats, the baryta paper offers so much more: a highly-sensitive panchromatic emulsion, which enhances the picture quality of black-and-white photos to the highest degree. At the end of the development process, the chemicals are washed for a particularly long time. Every print is very individual in that, due to the penetration of chemicals and water into the paper, prints on baryta paper are never exactly the same dimensions - visible evidence of the hands-on craftsmanship required to create these photographs!

Ilford B/W Photo Paper

White border

- prints with an additional white border for a practical reason.

All my prints have an additional white border. In the grand style of vintage photographs, it lends black-and-white photo additional presentation dynamics and aesthetic refinement. This option have a practical reason in framing. The LightJet print on Ilford baryta paper can be inserted perfectly into a photo mount. Nothing is lost on motif.


Shipping + Delivery

Shipping will be handled within 14 days. Prints will be sent to your doorsteps by courier, postcards by mail (postal service). If you have prints and postcards in the same order, you will get them by two separate delivery. Please be careful when filling your order fields, once delivery is sent out and on the way to you, it is no longer possible to update or change your delivery address.