Image License Agreement

Regarding digital downloads only

Dear Friend,

I am very glad that you have found amongst my works some photographs you might use. If you have paid me the requested licence fee and accepted my terms and conditions (the present document), I will grant you some rights with respect to the chosen digital file of my photograph, the basic content of which I will try to explain to you subsequently in the most human and clearest manner possible, as I am indeed just a photographer, not a lawyer. Although the scope of what you can do with this picture is very wide, there are still some rules you should be aware of and follow.

I grant you a so-called “royalty-free“ licence, which means you are welcome, without any additional payment, for an unlimited period, to use the photographs for your own purposes in illustrating and designing any kind of digital and printed media, such as webpages, blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc. You may use the image in several projects without having to purchase any additional licences. However, if you want to replicate the photograph in any kind of media – posters, book covers, etc. – one single licence allows you to make up to 100 000 copies of this image.

You are expected to use the photograph for your personal projects, not to transfer it by any kind of means, free or paid, to anyone else to use, or give anyone the slightest possibility to obtain the image and use it. But even if you are very careful in that respect, you shouldn’t be surprised to see this photograph used by someone else, as your licence is not exclusive – this means that I have the right to provide anyone else the same rights towards that image as I have given you.

There are some specific rules regarding the photographs which I have labelled as being “for Editorial use only“. Such photographs may be used for non-commercial, non-promotional use only. The people and things in these images are not released, meaning that the photographs have been taken without the consent of the individuals in the photo. You can still use them, but never to sell anything – just to help tell the viewer a story, for example, in newspapers, news broadcasts, and other non-commercial applications.

For some of the pictures which feature people in them, I have added the comment “model release“. This now means that the identifiable person in that picture has given consent for the picture to be used also for commercial purposes. You may use these photographs for a wider scope of purposes, compared to those for editorial use only, including for marketing and advertisement.

In addition to the aforementioned, I ask you to use these photographs in full accordance with the rest of the rules and regulations to which your further activities may be subject. See, I have only taken the photograph, which anyone can do without restriction, and granted you the right to use the result of my work, but you are most probably going to publish it somewhere. Now you should make sure that the manner in which you use the picture I have taken will not infringe the rights of any other people (e.g. the rights of the people and owners of the things which may appear in that photograph), which the licence I have granted will not allow you to do.

This was a simple introduction to and a summary of what you can do with pictures purchased from my website. As for me, I am extremely glad you purchased the right to use my photograph and committed yourself to reading this part of the text up to this point. Should some of the terms not be entirely clear to you, or if you need any additional information about the topics covered, please consult additional sources, as the issue of intellectual property is a complex matter. In addition to what I have mentioned, various laws, regulations, and practice may apply.

I wish you the best in using my photographs and I am truly glad to be a small part of your success story.

Laur-Kalevi Tamm